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I use Evernote and found this. I love this. No ads for premium, no long openings, no learning curve. Tags, searches and notes. Simply to use to use and quick.

So simple and reliable!

I use it all the time.

Reliable Note Retaining Device

I love how this app updates quickly between devices, so I never feel like I am missing out when continuing with a note. Great App! Just what I needed.

Very simple

Incredibly, incredibly easy to use.

Great product

Its the best note taking interface Ive used. Clean, simple, easy to use. There used to be an occasional problem losing or duplicating text if I switched screens while writing. I think the team must have improved the caching as thats no longer an issue.

Exactly what I need

Its simple. Its easy to use. It syncs across all of my devices. Its lightweight and fast.

Really like the simplicity!

This app is great in that it is exactly what it sets out to be and no more.

Perfect. Love the web publishing with no ads

Best (text only) note app for sure. The only additional feature Id like is some kind of Dropbox syncs, where I can have my files stored as txt. Im new so there may be some export feature Im not familiar with. Still though, having such excellent browser integration precludes worrying about being able to access my notes.

Simply Perfect

One of the few apps that says what it is and then does what it says. It is perfectly simple at taking and saving notes. Period.

Incredible - it changed my entire workflow

Please do not hesitate to use this app. It updates automatically between my iPhone, iPad and my laptop. I no longer use the Notes app on my iPhone, I no longer use Notepad on my PC. It has a few features akin to MS Word, e.g. automatic bullets or dashes for itemized lists. If it cost $50, I would buy it - yet, its free.

Great alternative to default Notes program

Awesome app. Love that I can access notes through desktop/laptop as well. One recommendation: add automatic lists like Apples Notes app!

All my work gone

This is the 4th time in the last couple of years that I have lost all of my note changes. The app is still unable to keep track of changes from more than one device. When it gets confused it reverts to an old version of your note. Its unfortunate because the programming to keep track of changes is straight forward. The good thing about this app is that it opens quickly and removes all formatting when cutting and pasting. But neither is worth losing hours of notes. This app still has major sync issues. I did the work on one device. This morning I started working on the note on another device. New device had never synced and all of the changes from yesterday are lost. Backups are kept but they are kept every few minutes and you are only allowed a few backups. All backups available to me are from the last 18 minutes, not helpful. Also unfortunate, Simplenote puts a "Good Morning" notification on the bottom of my screen daily. There is no intuitive way to turn this off so far. Can you imagine if all 50 of my apps did this to me? We call it cubris in the industry - Coder hubris. Coders that pat themselves on the back at the expense of users like this need to be weeded out.

As advertised

Big, big fan. It is precisely what it claims and its exactly what I wanted. I use it every day.

Very useful

So handy, love the collaboration feature. Works across all my familys devices.


Use to hold hashtags for different accounts type of posts and for transcription love love love ❤️

Super simple - works great

It does exactly what it is designed to do. No glitches.

Best Notes App. Period.

This is the best notes app, hands down. Cross platform support is unmatched. I use Simplenote on my iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Windows laptop. Everything is always in sync. I dont even have to think about it. And search works flawlessly. There is no other note app better than this.

Love it!nn

Nice and easy to use. Gets the job done.

Solid app!

Great app, everything works perfect and syncs perfectly! Great app for cloud hosted note taking allowing you to have your notes everywhere you go. Just sign in and your all good to go!

First notes app Ive really stuck with.

Simple is not easy. This has all the features I want and very few that I dont. Reliable, and provides iOS and mac syncing. Not much else to ask for.

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